Jul 31, 2016

Jazz Art Sengawa 2016

The 9th Jazz Art Sengawa is held at the Sengawa Theater, Chofu, Tokyo on September 16-18. The line-up is as follows:

September 16 Friday

Free Improvisation ZOO
open session moderated by Makigami Koichi, Fujiwara Kiyoto and Sakamoto Hiromichi

Opening Ceremony
Chikotsu: Ohsumi Kenji (voice), Ohtake Dai (drums)

World Service Project

September 17 Saturday

Sound Play for Children
moderated by Tokidoki Jido (Sometimes Automatic)

"eyes" directed by Fujiwara Kiyoto
Roger Turner (drums, percussion), Oki Itaru (trumpet), Yanagiya Koharu (shamisen), Fujiwara Kiyoto (bass)

"legs" directed by Makigami Koichi
Jim O'Rourke (synthesizer, guitar), Ishibashi Eiko (keyboard, piano), Joe Taria (drums), Ivin Ronning (trumpet), Makigami Koichi (voice)
Yagi Michiyo Trio: Yagi Michiyo (electric 21-string koto, 17-string bass koto, electronics, voice), Sugawa Takashi (bass), Ohmura Wataru (drums)

"mouth" directed by Sakamoto Hiromichi
Phew (vocal) x Mukoujima Yuriko (violin)
Hayakawa Yoshio (vocal) x Sakamoto Hiromichi (cello)

September 18 Sunday

Sunday Matinee Concert volume 165
"Experience the strange world of microsound"
moderated by Shimizu Hitomi

"hands" directed by Sakamoto Hiromichi
Ohno Yumiko (bass), Asa-chang (tabla), Minakumari (sitar), Nakahara Masaya (electronics), Sakamoto Hiromichi (moderator)

"ears" directed by Fujirawa Kiyoto
Hashimoto Ichiko (piano, voice), Sakata Akira (alto saxophone), Tommaso Capperato (drums, electronics), Fujiwara Kiyoto (bass)

"nose" directed by Makigami Koichi
Food: Iain Ballamy (saxophone), Thomas Strønen (drums, electronics)
Hikashu: Makigami Koichi (vocal, cornet, thememin), Mita Freeman (guitar), Sakaide Masami (bass), Shimizu Kazuto (piano, syhthesizer, bass clarinet), Sato Masaharu (drums)

1 stage ticket - 3,000 yen (2,700 yen for Chofu-city resident - 1,500 yen for student with valid ID)
1 day pass - 6,800 yen
2 days pass - 12,500 yen (available while supplys last - limited quantity)
ticket available at The Sengawa Theatre Box Office, eplus

"Free Improvisation ZOO" September 16 Friday
admission free

"WorldService Project concert" 19:00-20:00 September 16 Friday
admission free - requires ticket but no charge

"Sound Play for Children" 11:00-11:45 September 17 Saturday
admission: 500 yen for adult, charge free for children

"Sunday Matinee Concert" September 18 Sunday
admission free


Sengawa Theatre, Chofu, Tokyo

Jun 30, 2016

Summer Tour 2016: Shizuoka Toyohashi Kyoto Nagoya July 18-21

Starting on July 18, Hikashu will embark on 4 cities tour. The dates are as follows:

July 18 - Freakyshow, Shizuoka
July 19 - Avanti, Toyohashi
July 20 - Rag, Kyoto
July 21 - Tokuzo, Nagoya

July 18, 2016
@ Freakyshow
other acts: Noisu, Sakabashira Imiri, Daichu
open 19:00 - start 19:30
adv 3,000 yen - at door 3,500 yen

Freakyshow, Shizuoka

July 19, 2016
@ Avanti
Other act: Jigen Gakudan #9
open 19:00 - start 20:00
adv 4,000 yen - at door 4,500 yen
open 19:00 / start 20:00

Avanti, Toyohashi

July 20, 2016
@ Rag
open 18:30 - start 19:30
adv 4,000 yen - at door 4,500 yen

Rag, Kyoto

July 21, 2016
@ Tokuzo
open 18:30 - start 19:30
adv 4,000 yen - at door 4,500 yen

Tokuzo, Nagoya

May 16, 2016

Hiroshima on June 18, 2016

On June 18, Hikashu performs in Hiroshima.

It happens that President Obama visits the historic city this month as well. It's the first time for a US president being there while in office. It's an epic moment.

The same thing applies to the band because it takes quite long time for them to revisit there. Last time they performed there is 25 years ago. Actually they've been contemplating to play there for years. It takes time but has succeeded to actualize it at last. Naturally the band's highly motivated and quite enthusiastic for the show and so the fans too. Certainly it'll be great.

June 18, 2016
@ Sumatra Tiger
open 18:30 - start 19:00
adv 4,000 yen - at door 4,500 yen

Sumatra Tiger, Hiroshima

May 15, 2016

John Zorn's Cobra Fukuoka Operation on June 17, 2016

John Zorn's Cobra in Wels on November 6, 2009. downtownmusic.net

On June 17 there's a performance of John Zorn's Cobra, a game piece composed by Zorn, held in Fukuoka. It's two days before the Hikashu's gig at the city.

The line-up is as follows:

avan (bass), Uchida Ryo (trombone), Kinoshita Takaya (accordion), Yoshiyanagi Takuma (percussion), Shirasaka Yasuyuki (taiko), Tomi (voice), Nakamura Yuji (bass clarinet), Horio Shigemasa (trumpet), Watanabe Toru (pipe), YoungJin Bae (janggu), Makigami Koichi (prompt).

June 17, 2016
John Zorn's Cobra Fukuoka Operation
@ Kantoukan Theater

start 18:30 - open 19:00
adv 2,000 yen - at door 2,500 yen

inquiries mflab9@gmail.com

Kantoukan Theater, Fukuoka

Fukuoka Concert on June 19, 2016

Next month Hikashu pay their yearly visit to Fukuoka, the biggest city of Kyushu, an island located in southern Japan. The gig takes place at the Early Believers club on June 19.

For years, Hikashu has been visiting Kyushu for touring. Unfortunately this year they have to cancel some shows because of earthquake. But they didn't cancel the whole tour, decided to do one date instead.

It's been known that Fukuoka has a long and rich history of rock music in Japan. That means it has a great audience and some of them surely are looking forward to seeing Hikashu. So do not miss this precious opportunity.

June 19, 2016
@ Early Believers
open 17:30 - start 18:00
adv 3,000 yen - at door 3,500 yen

promoted Adachi Sendensha adasen@kss.biglobe.ne.jp

Early Believers, Fukuoka

May 2, 2016

"Eyes and the Net" video

A video of "Eyes and the Net," a cut from the 2013 album "Bankan," is now available on YouTube.

Recorded live at Hearts+, Ohtsuka, Tokyo on April 1, 2016.

Apr 28, 2016

This year's Jazz Art Sengawa is held on September 16-18

It's just announced that the date of this year's Jazz Art Sengawa has been set on september 16-18.

Produced by three outstanding musicians, Makigami Koichi, Sakamoto Hiromichi and Fujiwara Kiyoto, the annual festival for advanced pop, avant jazz and improvised music is artist-led and supported by the city of Chofu, the west suburb of Tokyo.

It started in 2008 so this year's is the 9th. It's a sort of miracle that such a bold and ambitious attempt has been continued this long.

Right now there is no information about the line-up but we'll let you know when it's available. All we can tell you is that this event is one of the best in this country and if you are interested in unusual but utterly interesting expression of music you must see this thing. It's convenient (15 minutes from central Tokyo by train), economic (quite affordable 3-day ticket available), and interesting (many bright acts including Hikashu). They're always up to our expectations and we're sure this time's no exception so make a mark on your calender not to miss it.