Jan 1, 2017

Hikashu New Zealand Australia Tour February-March 2017

Hikashu tours New Zealand, then Australia in February - March 2017. This is the first time for the band to visit the countries, let alone playing. The dates are:

February 21 - Pyramid Club, Wellington, New Zealand
February 22 - Meow, Wellington, New Zealand
February 23 - Auckland, New Zealand
February 24 - Whammy Bar, Auckland, New Zealand
February 25 - Audio Foundation, Auckland, New Zealand
February 28 - Make It Up Club, Melbourne, Australia
March 1 - Foundry616, Sydney, Australia

Do not miss this oppotunity if you are in the region.

Dec 31, 2016

Farewell 2016

Hikashu gave us fans so much delight at the end of the year.

May the new year going to be great for all of us.

The first appearances of 2017

The first full appearance of Hikashu in 2017 is held at Star Pine's Cafe, Kichijoji, Tokyo on January 25. This is also Makigami's birthday so be prepared to something special happen.

Besides, the band plays a set at La Mama of Shibuya, Tokyo on January 15. They are joined by Ikue Mori on electronics as a special guest.

January 15, 2017
@ La Mama
Shibuya, Tokyo
open 18:30 - start 19:00
other acts: Lee Jeongmi, Suzuki Aki, Tane Tomoko, and others
adv 3,300 yen - at door 3,500 yen

La Mama, Shibuya, Tokyo

January 25, 2017
@ Star Pine's Cafe
Kichijoji, Tokyo
open 18:30 - start 19:30
adv 3,800 yen - at door 4,300 yen

Star Pine's Cafe, Kichijoji, Tokyo

Nov 30, 2016

Arild Ansersen Trio Japan Tour 2017

In January next year, Arild Andersen, one of the top jazz bass player in Europe, tours japan. This tour is organized by Makigami Koichi who also appears as support act.

Arild Andersen – bass
Helge Lien – piano
Thomas Strønen - drums


tour dates:

January 12 - Mokkiriya, Kanazawa, Ishikawa
January 13 - City Gallary Core Hall, Takasaki, Gunma
January 14 - Kiunkaku, Atami, Shizuoka
January 17 - Pit-Inn, Shinjuku, Tokyo
January 18 - Candy, Inage, Chiba
January 20 - Coo, Sapporo

January 12, 2017
@ Mokkiriya
Kanazawa, Ishikawa
start 19;30
4,000 yen

Morrikiya, Kanazawa, Ishikawa

January 13, 2017
"New Year Jazz Concert in Takasaki"
@ City Gallary Core Hall
Takasaki, Gunma
other act: Third Person (Umezu Kazutoki - sax, Samm Bennett - drums, Makigami Koichi - theremin), Saga Yuki sings Nakamura Hachidai (Saga Yuki - vocal and guitar, Hayashi Masaki - piano, Sato Masaharu - percussion)

City Gallary, Takasaki, Gunma

January 14, 2017
@ Kiunkaku
Atami, Shizuoka
open 18:00 - start 19:00
other act: Saga Yuki sings Nakamura Hachidai (Saga Yuki on vocal and guitar, Hayashi Masaki on piano, Sato Masaharu on percussion), Makigami Koichi
adv 3,500 yen - at door 4,000 yen

Kiunkaku, Atami, Shizuoka

January 17, 2017
@ Pit-Inn
Shinjuku, Tokyo
opn 19:30 - start 20:00
adv 4,500 yen - at door 5,000 yen

Pit-Inn, Shinjuku, Tokyo

January 18, 2017
@ Candy
Inage, Chiba
open 19:30 - start 20:00

Candy, Inage, Chiba

January 20, 2017
@ Coo
open 19:30 - start 20:00
adv 4,500 yen - at door 5,000 yen

Coo, Sapporo

(updated January 1, 2017)

Oct 28, 2016

Makigami Koichi European Tour Winter 2016

In this winter, Makigami Koichi tours Europe. The dates are as follows:

November 24 - Narodowe Forum Muzyki, Wrocław, Poland
November 29 - Cankarjev Dom, Ljubljana, Slovenia
December 1 - Bimhuis, Amsterdam, The Netherland
December 3 - Japan Foundation London, London, England
December 4 - House concert at Swan Yard, London, England

Maybe more dates to be added. We'll let you know it in that case.

(updated on November 6)

November 24, 2016
"Far Out East - Traditional Japan"
@ Narodowe Forum Muzyki
Wrocław, Poland
Makigami Koichi - voice, Nakamura Akikazu - shakuhachi, Tanaka Yumiko - shamisen, Yagi Michiyo - koto
start 19:00

November 29, 2016
@ Cankarjev Dom
Ljubljana, Slovenia
Makigami Koichi solo
start 20:00

December 1, 2016
@ Bimhuis
Amsterdam, The Netherland
Makigami Koichi solo - support act of the Yagi Michiyo trio
open 18:30
Ticket: € 18 / € 15 (CJP, student card, stadspas)

December 3, 2016
@ Japan Foundation London
Russell Square Horse Hospital
London England
Makigami Koichi talks about his art and career following solo performance
start 19:00

December 4, 2016
@ House concert at Swan Yard
8 Swan Yard
London N1 1SD England
Kit Downs (organ) and Tom Challenger (saxophone) with Makigami Koichi (voice, theremin)
start 19:00

Oct 24, 2016

Christmas Concert 2016 @ Daiyanyama Unit Tokyo on December 25

Hikashu has been held a special concert at the end of each year since 2008. It features various guests and special program. The band's falthful audience from every part of the country gather to celebrate the bright moment and this year's is no exception.

The guests are two distinctive artists who've been active since the early days of the Japanese new wave movement: Hirasawa Susumu and Kera.

Surely this is going to be a memorable evening.

"Hikashu Christmas Concert 2016"
November 25, 2016
@ Daikanyama Unit
guest: Hirasawa Susumu, Kera
open 17:30 - start 18:30
5,000 yen

Daikanyama Unit, Tokyo

Yoimachi 2016 @ Hearts+ Ohtsuka Tokyo on November 6

Hikashu will appear at a music festival called Yoimachi 2016 held at Hearts+, Ohtsuka, Tokyo on November 6.

The roster of the event is kinda huge and the schedule is not available yet, so please consult later at the official site.

"Yoimachi 2016"
November 6, 2016
@ Hearts+
Ohtsuka, Tokyo
open 10:30

Hearts+. Ohtsuka, Tokyo