Jul 31, 2018

Next appearance: Star Pine's Cafe, Kichijoji, Tokyo on August 21

Hikashu will perform at Star Pine's Cafe, Kichijoji, Tokyo on August 21, 2018. This is the only appearance of the band on the month so do not miss it.

August 21, 2018
@ Star Pine's Cafe
Kichijoji, Tokyo
open 18:30 - start 19:30
adv 3,900 yen - at door 4,300 yen

Star Pine's Cafe, Kichijoji, Tokyo

Jun 17, 2018

"Shelfish Shellfish" video

There's a video "Shelfish Shellfish" (Tsubuyaku Kai), a selection from Hikashu's latest, Anguri.

The video iself is presumably shot during their recent tour in Russia.

Jun 13, 2018

Sakaide Masami 60th birthday concert series June 26-29 2018

Sakaide Masami, Hikashu's bass player, turns 60 years old this month, and for commemorating it there will be held a 4-days concert series on June 26-28 at his hometown, Seijo.

Sakaide's activities are quite diverse: He regularly plays with several rock bands, collaborating with contemporary dancers and theatre as a sound designer, and recording other artists as an engineer and producer. That's why such a long event is prepared for representing his current career.

Of course we all know he joined Hikashu in 1982 and has been with the group since then. Their appearance is the last day of the series and plans to play only his compositions.

The line-up are:

June 26 Kuroyagi Shiroyagi (with Sato Masaharu), Paititi (Douguchi Yoriko, Ishida Hidenori), Takemoto Kazuko
June 27 Aimai Chudoku, Pinocchio, midoriningen, Sakaide solo
June 28 Naomi Milian, Kusakabe Yasuo, Kurata Midori, Watanabe Mika, Sakaide Masami
June 29 Hikashu

June 26-29, 2018
"Sakaide Masami 60th birthday concert series"
@ Atelier Q
Seijo, Tokyo
open 19:00 - start 19:30
4,000 yen

Atelier Q, Seijo, Tokyo

Apr 30, 2018

An evening with Hikashu and ・・・・・・・・・ at Otsuka, Tokyo on May 25, 2018

On May 25, Hikashu will perform at Hearts+, Otsuka, Tokyo. It's a double bill gig with a female group called "・・・・・・・・・."

May 25, 2018
Hikashu with ・・・・・・・・・
@ Hearts+
Otsuka, Tokyo
open 18:30 - start 19:00
adv 2,800 yen - at door 3,300 yen

Hearts+, Otsuka, Tokyo

Mar 8, 2018

A live album of Hikashu with Hirasawa Susumu and Afrirampo coming in April 2018

It's just announced that a brand new live album of Hikashu be released in April. It contains the selections from the set recorded in December 2016, and includes guest artists, Hisawasa Susumu, and Afrirampo. It's called Zekkei, magnificent view.

It's a 2CD set, and only the 1st pressing comes with a DVD containing the video of the same set. The track list is as follows:

Hikashu - Zekkei

release date - April 28, 2018
price - 5,400 yen (includes sales tax)

Disc 1

1. Fude wo Fure Kanata-kun / Wave the Flag, Mr. Beyond
2. Ikirukoto / To Live
3. Nyunen / Deliberate
4. Niwatori Tonda / Chickens Fly
5. Tenguri Gaeru / Return to Tengri
6. Mottainai Hanashi
7. Tengoku Wo Nozokitai / Glimpse the Heaven
8. Nyoki Nyoki Haetekita / Sprouting Up
9. Biro Biro

guest Afrirampo on 7, 8, and 9

Disc 2

1. Rhetorics and Logics
2. Damekana? / No Way?
3. At the End of the 20th Century
4. Niwashi King
5. Melancholy in Global City
6. Missile
7. Pike
8. Ruktun Or Die
9. Naruhodo
10. Bijutsukan de Atta Hitodaro / Art Mania
11. Puyo Puyo

guest - Hirasawa Susumu on 4,5,6,7,8,9,10, and 11

DVD - about 70 minutes

Recorded at Daikanyama Unit, Tokyo on December 25, 2016.

Please note that the DVD comes with only the 1st pressing and it's only available at live shows of Hikashu or mail order from the band's management. That means any mail-order house or retailer have only 2CD (hence no DVD) edition, and it takes time for them to stock copies. The management now takes pre-order via e-mail.

Also, the High-resolution edition of the recording itself has been released via download at Ototoy, a online music store. If you want only the audio recording, just go for it. Ototoy says they can accept orders from outside Japan. Unfortunately, we cannot find any English explanation (it has an English menu though), but maybe it could be done with a help of online translation services. It's available four editions, and the files are compressed so you need some extractors (Ototoy recommends Explzh). Please be sure that you need some software for playing DSD recordings. These digital editions are priced 6,200 yen - 4,500 yen.

Ototoy Store DSD5.6MHz/1bit+MP3
Ototoy Store DSD2.8MHz/1bit+MP3
Ototoy Store 24bit/192kHz
Ototoy Store 24bit/96kHz

Mar 7, 2018

Additional date for the Spring tour 2018: Tsu on March 10

Hikashu's ongoing tour has an additional date, which is held at Tsu on March 10. Tsu is a city located in Mie perfecture and one hour ride by train from Nagoya, Osaka or Kyoto. If you are nearby and free on that date just go for it.

By the way, the venue's name, "Zarathustra Kaku Katariki" is a Japanese title of "Also sprach Zarathustra," by Friedrich Nietzsche.

March 10, 2018
@ Zarathustra Kaku Katariki
Tsu, Mie
open 18:30 - start 19:00
adv 4,000 yen - at door 4,500 yen

Zarathustra Kaku Katariki, Tsu, Mie

Feb 28, 2018

Godzilla Legend 2018 Tokyo Concert March 24

On the next day of Hikashu's March gig in Tokyo, Godzilla Legend, led by ex-Hikashu Inoue Makoto, holds a concert in Shimokitazawa, Tokyo on March 24. This time the line-up is the same as the ensemble's latest offer, Godzilla Legend V.


Inoue Makoto - synthesizer

Makigami Koichi - vocal, theremin
Mita Freeman - guitar
Sakaide Masami - bass
Shimizu Kazuto - keyboard
Sato Masaharu - drums

Tatsumi Kogoro - trumpet
Goto Atsushi - trombone
Yoshida Ryuichi - baritone saxophone

Momo - vocal
Koharu - accordion, vocal

March 24, 2018
"Godzilla Legend V concert"
@ Garden
Shimokitazawa, Tokyo
open 17:00 - start 18:00
adv 5,000 yen

Garden, Shimokitazawa, Tokyo