Nov 17, 2009

Merry Electric Christmas

The Model Plants, a Japanese new wave band formed in 1984, will come to an end this year. The group also has hosted a December event entitled "Merry Electric Christmas" for years, and 2009 will be the last. It's two days event and Hikashu will perform on the first date, December 5th.

the image derived from the official site

"Merry Electric Christmas Final"
at Ikebukuro Live-Inn Rosa
On December 5th, 2009
16:00 open, 18:30 start
Live Performance:
The Model Plants, Mokugyo, Arvant-Garde, Seirogan-X, Nakayama Takashi with LABSiCK Man-Machine ReMix, Yamamoto Naoki, Hikashu
VJ: nipponia electronica
DJ: Onojima Dai, Tachizawa Yuji
advance 3,000 yen / at door 3,500 yen (one drink order required)

The Official Event Blog
Ikebukuro Live-Inn Rosa

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