Nov 17, 2010

Tanikawa Shuntaro on "Ningen No Kao"

Needless to say, Tanikawa Shuntaro (wikipedia) is one of the most important figure in Japanese modern poetry. And recently he made a comment on the Hikashu album "Ningen No Kao" ["Human Faces"] which is to be reissued soon. Here I translated and quoted it;

So many voices, so many sounds. The lyrics are want to cease being printed words and be naked. It seems like there are boys and grannies in the cd. Nice to listen to in a field or an alley. The cd would send out the words and the music diligently if disposed as nonburnable garbage or launched to the space by a rocket.

Tanikawa Shuntaro

The release date of the album is December 23, and HMV Japan already listed it Here.

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