Mar 28, 2011

Makigami and Mongun-ool duo

Makigami has uploaded a video of duo performance by Onder Mongun-ool and himself, recorded at Kyzyl Theater of Tuva in March 18 2011.

Mongun-ool is an outstanding performer of younger generation in Tuva. He won the Grand Prix in the 1992 International Throat Singing Competition at age 16. Having established himself as a solo artist, he is also a member of the Tuvan group called Chirgilchin. (wikipedia)

In 1998, Makigami produced a solo album of Mongun-ool entitled "Boidus Tolu - Khoomei Rainbow" which is available worldwide via HMV Japan. See here for the information.

Mongun-ool in New York

Regarding Makigami's recent visit to Tuva, there is an article in Russian. I provide a link to the original and google translation.

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