Sep 8, 2011

Shiraishi Kazuko - the Great Dame of Japanese Literature

It has been known that Jazz Art Sengawa features literary figures in its program. The tradition continues this year: Jazz Art Sengawa 2011 has a reading of Shiraishi Kazuko.

Simply put, she is one of leading poet in Japan. Her work is renowned outside the country and many of her pieces are translated in English and other languages.

She is also known to be deeply connected in jazz. She wrote about the music many times and performed with jazz musicians in public.

Recently turned 80, she is alive and kicking. Her voice is strong, her presence is so huge, and her reading is eloquent and imaginative.

For those who are interested, there are biographies of her in English available online:

Kazuko Shiraishi - Poetry International Web

Kazuko Shiraishi — internationales literaturfestival berlin

There is an interesting article about herself and her connection with jazz in Japan Times:

POETRY'S LONE STAR Kazuko Shiraishi does it her way (Japan Times)

Don't miss the opportunity. Just come to Jazz Art Sengawa this friday and listen to Shiraishi Kazuko, the Great Dame of Japanese Literature.

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