Nov 18, 2011

The Intense Christmas Legend

"Godzilla, Radioactivity, Hikashu ... The Intense Christmas Legend"
December 25, 2011 (Sunday)
@ Daikanyama UNIT
open 17:00 - start 18:00
adv 4,000 yen
Ticket be available on November 19, 2011
via Ticket Pia (154-397), Ticket Lawson (78667), e+, Gamban
For inquiries, call SMASH at 03-3444-6751 SMASH website


Hikashu with Inoue Makoto
Makigami Koichi (vocal, theremin, cornet), Mita Freeman (guitar, vocal), Sakaide Masami (bass), Shimizu Kazuto (piano, bass-clarinet), Sato Masaharu (drums), Inoue Makoto (synthesizer)

Godzilla Legend
Inoue Makoto (synthesizer), Makigami Koichi (vocal), Mita Freeman (guitar), Sakaide Masami (bass), Shimizu Kazuto (piano), Sato Masaharu (drums), Fuwa Daisuke (bass), Yoshigaki Yasuhiro (drums), Tatsumi Mitsuhide (trumpet), Yoshida Ryuichi (baritone saxophone), Koharu (accordion, vocal), Momo (vocal)

Special Session
Yoshigaki Yasuhiro [Vincent Atomics, Orquesta Nudge! Nudge!, ROVO etc.) wikipedia
Fuwa Daisuke [Shibusashirazu Orchestra] wikipedia
Mukai Shutoku [Zazen Boys] wikipedia
Tabu Zombie [Soil & "Pimp" Sessions] wikipedia

Koharu (accordion, vocal), Momo (vocal)

Semba Yuki

Since 2008, the year-end concert with guest artists has been an annual event for Hikashu, and as always, this year the roster is pretty impressive. Hikashu will be augmented with Inoue Makoto, an original member. Godzilla Legend, led by Inoue, will be also an extended line-up, with female choruses and all. Special Session with the members from the internationally-known bands is the first time performance, and it'll probably never be united again, an only-for-this-time formation. Charan-Po-Rantan is a bright singer-accodionist unit by real sisters, and Semba Yuki is that lady, graced the front cover of the "Hanauta Hajime" album.

Without a doubt, this will be an incredible night. The ticket will be on sale tomorrow. Be sure not to miss!

Daikanyama UNIT, Tokyo

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