Jan 1, 2012

New album will be out in April 2012

The release date of Hikashu's upcoming album, tentatively titled "Uragoe," is now set on April 8, 2012. Uragoe means "falsetto" in Japanese.

The album was recorded at EastSide Studio NYC in May, 2011. It contains, at least, four compositions plus collective improvisation.

Some of the tunes are already performed live regularly. "Uragoe," the title track, is a mid-tempo song features Makigami's adventurous vocals. "Fude o fure, Kanata-kun" [Wave the Brush, Kanata-kun] is a fast and fierce tune, and contains an extended interlude jam in 4/4. "Yuugata No Iesu" [The Affirmation of Evening] is also a long, dynamic tune with an impressive, dreamlike introduction played by Shimizu Kazuto. And "Umaretate No Hana" [A Newly Born Flower] is a solemn ballad.

All the tunes are written during their NYC stay in last May, so everything is new. As far as we could tell, all the previewed songs are just great music with interesting lyrics, as always.

In short, the material is unlike of their previous efforts, but the Hikashu-ness is still intact and well-preserved. All we could do is to support the unique, veteran band which daringly continues to seek new directions after 30+ years of its existence. Hurrah for Hikashu!

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