Mar 11, 2012

"Uragoe" - Tabaimo's cover art and track listing unveiled

Hikashu - Uragoe

1. Fude o Fure, Kanata-Kun [Wave the Brush, Kanata-Kun]
2. Chiisaku Ikizuku [Taking a Little Breath (or a Faint Breath)]
3. Uragoe [Uragoe (or Voice Overturned)]
4. Haraburi
5. Hitori Houkai [A Lonesome Breakdown]
6. Sude Ni Kokoni Nai [It's Already Gone]
7. Bintoru
8. Sokohaka [Uncertainly (or Vaguely)]
9. Yuugata No Iesu, Asagata No Nou [The Affirmation of Evening, The Reversal of Morning]
10. Shikotama [Plentiful]
11. Donten Ni Beni [Crimson under the Crowded Sky]
12. Umare Tate No Hana [A Newly-Born Flower]
13. Tsugi No Iwa Ni Tsuzuku [Continued on Next Rock]

Hikashu unveiled the cover art by Tabaimo and the track listing for their forthcoming album, "Uragoe."

Here we list English titles for each track. Please note that those are not official, just our interpretations, and prepared only for sake of convenience. Still, some titles could not be translated (4, 7). These look like adverbs of classical Japanese (wikipedia) but we're not sure. Anyway, need not mind the meanings and enjoy the sounds of those words since they're almost incomprehensive, even for natives.

Also, several have already pointed out that track 13 might be a quote from the short story by R. A. Lafferty (wikipedia).

By the way, Uragoe means usually "falsetto" in Japanese, but Hikashu's "Uragoe" seems to mean different as the lyrics of the song has a phrase "Voice go overturned" and that overturn is likely to be unintentional. So it might mean "Uragaetta Koe" (Overturned Voice) and just shortened as "Uragoe." (In this contraction, the word "Koe" is pronounced "goe" with a voiced "g.")

Right now, the album is waiting to be mastered and it is soon. The release date is April 8th.

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