Aug 31, 2012

Currents: September 2012

Berlin and Copenhagen likely added to the tour date

It seems that Berlin and Copenhagen are likely to be added to Hikashu's Euro Russian tour held in coming October.

Unfortunately, the details are not disclosed yet for those two cities. Probably the band is still negotiating with related parties.

The dates are announced as Berlin on October 8, and Copenhagen on October 16. Please note that these are just tentatives and subject to change. We'll let you know more about the tour.

Shokotan discovered Hikashu

Recently Nakagawa Shoko, a famous celebrity in Japan, confessed adding Hikashu on her list of favorites.

Nagakawa, widely known by her nickname Shokotan, has been active in various media for years and has a large fan base. In short, she's quite influential, especially among the youth.

(She got a wikipedia entry in English, but it has some issues - anyway it's here.)

According to her own enormously popular Shokotan blog, one day she happened to find a video of Hikashu performing Pike on YouTube, and quickly hooked.

In a way, there is no wondering about her liking of Hikashu. She is famous for having unusual interests for a young Japanese woman, like live-action film, horror comics, and Bruce Lee. And that's one of the reasons why she attacts so many people, especially girls.

Later she reported obtaining a copy of the "Fushigi o Mitsumete" CD on her blog and quite favored the album.

Acchi No Me, Kocchi No Me reissue

Recently Makigami disclosed the band is now preparing to re-release of their 1993 album Acchi No Me, Kocchi No Me [Dazzling Eyes].

The album is notable in various ways - especially up to now it's the only full collaborated work of the band with outside artist; An American voice performer Lauren Newton is featured throughout the album and her participation made it so special.

The release date of the reissue is not clear but maybe late this year. Can't wait.

Hikashu - Acchi No Me, Kocchi No Me

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