Sep 24, 2012

A Message to the Audiences in Russia and Lithuania

Very lately we came to know that the governmental grant, which Hikashu had applied for the overseas tour in October, was unexpectedly rejected. But the band doesn't give it up. Makigami Koichi, the leader of the band, has expressed that they will do the tour as scheduled.

That means the band have to do the tour on their own entirely, thus left holding a financial burden for it.

Generally, for any musical act from Japan considering to do an overseas tour, due to its cost (especially the travelling), support from public or private sector bodies is indispensable. And Hikashu is no exception. For example, their New York gig last year was sponsored by Japan Society, an American nonprofit organization.

Surely they will get some earnings from the tour, but unfortunately, that won't even cover the air freight cost, let alone all the necessary expenses. And Japanese yen has been, some say excessively, strong for quite some time.

So the things seem to be against the tour. But the band says they'll do it anyway. Why?

Because they recognize the responsibilities. The gigs are already publicized and tickets are sold. And the audiences. The band knows there are people anxiously waiting for them. The audience at Moscow DOM last year was very warm and welcoming. Some members have already performed in Vilnius Jazz Festival, and know it's nice. In the first place, they are very eager to perform in foreign countries.

So what's the point of this chatter?

First of all, if you live nearby regions, already got interested in the band, but haven't decided to attend the gigs, we strongly advise to do so. The band is always very positive to do an overseas tour, but supposedly, they will take a more cautious approach about doing that in the future. That's not their wish but helpless. We won't say this is the last, but perhaps it takes quite some time if you think to pass this time and wait for another opportunity.

And if you like their music, their performance, or whatever, please do not hesitate to express your feelings. Just show your praise for them on the spot. Buy something from them if you would like to. That kind of things surely gives more power to the band. They absolutely deserve support and appreciation.

See you at the gigs!

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