Nov 6, 2012

Inoue Makoto, Charan Po Rantan, Marianne Shinonome (from Kinoco Hotel), and all women's horns go together at the annual Hikashu's year's-end concert

At last! It's just officially announced. The regular year's-end concert of Hikashu will be held on December 23 at Daikanyama Unit, Tokyo, with a lot of guest - this year almost all women musicians.

As for guests, Inoue Makoto is the leader of Godzilla Legend, a project aiming reinterpretation of music from classic monster movies, founded in 1982. He is an original member of Hikashu as well. Although quitted the band in 1991, he has been a collaborator afterwards on and off. He is also a member of Inoyama Land, an ambient music duo with Yamashita Yasushi, another original Hikashu. Their partnership even predates Hikashu, started in 1977.

Marianne Shinonome is the leader and vocalist of all-girls rock combo, Kinoco Hotel. She's been known as a fan of Hikashu and spotted at the band's gig frequently.

Charan Po Rantan is a sister's duo, consisted of Koharu (accordion, vocals) and Momo (vocals). At the year's end concert of Hikashu last year, they did a short set of their own, then performed with Godzilla Legend. In the Godzilla set, they played Shobijin, which is originally the role by the Peanuts (wikipedia), a legendary figure and another sister's duo. They sang two tunes - the famous theme from Mothra, and "The Sacred Fountain," a beautiful ballad with haunting chorus, which they reproduced splendidly. This time they bring a drummer and long-time associate, Fuu'chin.

Ishiwata, Nakamura, and Kaneko are all musicians active in Tokyo area, playing with various jazz and pop ensembles.

The last year's-end concert with Godzilla Legend was quite a monumental, so will be this year's absolutely. Go buy ticket not to be remorse.


Makigami Koichi (vocal, theremin, cornet, shakuhachi)
Mita Freeman (guitar)
Sakaide Masami (bass)
Shimizu Kazuto (synthesizer, bass clarinet)
Sato Masaharu (drums)
Inoue Makoto (synthesizer)


Marianne Shinonome (vocal) from Kinoco Hotel

Ishiwata Misaki (trumpet)
Nakamura Erika (saxophone)
Kaneko Yasuko (trombone)

Charan Po Rantan:
Koharu (accordion, vocal)
Momo (vocal)
Fuu'chin (drums)

December 23, 2012
"Hikashu no Christmas Kaiki Daisakusen 2012"
@ Daikanyama UNIT
Daikanyama, Tokyo
open 17:00 - start 18:00
4,000 yen (one drink order minimum)
Tickets on sale November 17
available via Ticket Lawson, Ticket Pia,
e+, and ganban
venue's directions - Time Out Tokyo

Daikanyama UNIT, Daikanyama, Tokyo

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