Dec 31, 2012

Retrospection of 2012

It's been a great year for Hikashu.

First of all, new album "Uragoe" was released in April. Although being recorded and mixed in 2011, the release was postponed due to the artwork of Tabaimo. Well, it was worth waiting. Her work was quite nice, attractive, and reflected the atmosphere of the album.

It needs no saying that the album itself is great. Above all, the sound itself is excellent - it's so crisp, and quite lively. Surely they made it again.

As for performance, the band did 30+ gigs this year. In particularly, the Russia Lithuania Tour in October stood out. The audiences warmly welcomed the band, and that tour proved again they are international.

In July, they performed at Orange Court of Fuji Rock Festival, the biggest rock event in Japan, for the second time, in front of five thousand people.

Other than that, Hikashu participated in various rock festivals. Such activities are important to reach for younger generations, and they are actually very positive doing that.

All things considered, it's so enjoyable to witness the reactions of the people who first exposed to the band, At first, many of them were dubious - for them, they are just a bunch of old men, older than their parents - and suspected they could even rock. But soon after they start performing, everything would change. They shocked. They awed. They astonished. Their faces tell that they've never seen such a thing. And many of them are to be converted on the spot.

And next year looks promising as well. Right now, the gigs for the first three months are already booked, and there is a plan for another overseas tour. We'll let you know about that little later, so stay tuned.

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