Jan 31, 2013

Currents: February 2013

Lauren Newton in Japan, 2004.

Reissues to Come

Hikashu Super Two, the long awaited sequel of Hikashu Super, seems to be still at working stage. In common with the preceding title, it plans to contain rare tracks and single-only sides like "Watashi Wa Baka Ni Naritai" [I Want to Be Like a Fool], the now-rare single originally released in 1983. On the other hand, compiling the new edition of "Soba De Yokereba," the mostly-instrumental album originally written for ballet in 1983, is completed but right now it's unclear when to be released. But be relieved - both titles are sure to be available someday. We just have to wait.

Mita's Standards Gig Was Success

The first concert of Mita Freeman's new project, tentatively called Mita Sings Standards, has ended successfully. In any way, it's hardly said that he's a great singer - it's something he admits for himself - but his singing, along his stage personality, has some irresistible charm indeed. The repertoire is very interesting as well; it reveals that he's quite knowledgeable about American popular songs from pre-war era. Jazz standards like "It Never Entered My Mind," Cole Porter's "So in Love," or pop tunes like Helen Kanes's signature song "I wanna be loved by you," and "Tammy" from the movie "Tammy and the Bachelor" were fine examples of his taste. For more contemporary side, Burt Bucharach's "This Guy's in Love with You" was quite interesting. Also it's notable that most of the numbers he picked are kinda hard to sing. For this matter, he simply said he selected songs he just wanted to sing, regardless of its difficulties.

Shimizu Kazuto, the accompanist and musical director of the project, did beautiful job on piano as well. Besides that, he occasionally sang with Mita, and that was very effective. In the interlude of Bob Dylan's "Mr. Tambling Man," he took a long, remarkable solo which included some quotations of "My Back Pages." He even played a Chopin piece!

Overall, the performance was pleasant, enjoyable, and spontaneous. Also very casual and carefree.

Both Mita and Shimizu are fully satisfied with the result, and it looks that we can expect more from the dynamic duo.

Lauren Newton comes to Japan

Makigami recently revealed that Lauren Newton will come to Japan this year. For Hikashu fans, the American voice performer living in Germany is mainly known for her splendid work on the "Acchi No Me Kocchi No Me" album. Although she has frequently visited Japan, it's been a while since her last visit which happened in 2008. Right now the details are not available but it's likely that she will perform or holds workshop. we'll let you know when it's announced.

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