Apr 9, 2013

Two Notable Festivals This Summer

Sakawa-gawa (Sakawa River) Sports Field, Odawara, Kanagawa

This summer Hikashu will perform in two regional festival in greater Tokyo area, and both events will be organized by Makigami. One is Jazz Art Sengawa, which Makigami has been served as co-producer from the start, and the other is a newly projected, outdoor concert of jazz and rock music in Odawara, Kanagawa perfecture.

Jazz Art Sengawa 2013 held on July 19-21

It's official. The prominent festival for jazz, avant-pop and improvisation in Sengawa of Chofu city, the west region of Tokyo, is going to be held this year. The producers of the event, Makigami Koichi, Fujiwara Kiyoto and Sakamoto Hiromichi, recently convened a meeting and confirmed the dates: July 19-21. They are still negotiating with acts, and right now we don't know anything about who's gonna perform when, but Hikashu do appear on July 20.

Sakawa-gawa Jazz and Rock Festival

Still at planning stage yet, but it's very likely Hikashu will perform at a newly-created outdoor music event held in Sakawa-gawa (Sakawa River) region of Kanagawa perfecture this summer.

It's an idea of Tsuyuki Junichi, a local polician who initiates a plan to hold a music festival for helping stimulate regional activities. Mr. Tsuyuki happens to be an old acquaintance of Makigami Koichi and Mita Freeman as well, so naturally he asked Makigami for help, and both agreed to go ahead with it. The selection of performers seems to be left entirely up to Makigami, so this must be an interesting thing. Let's look forward to forthcoming proposal.

Sakawa-gawa (Sakawa River) Sports Field, Odawara, Kanagawa

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