May 12, 2013

Makigami gives a Theremin demonstration in Ottawa - a free event

Hikashu at Vilnius Jazz Festival, Lithuania, 2012

Makigami Koichi, the leader of Hikashu, gives a demonstration of Theremin in Ottawa on May 15, 2013. The admission is free.

He has been using the instrument in public since circa 2003. As being asked why he decided to play it, he explained that it could add electronics flavor to the band's sound.

Synthesizer has been one of important elements for the Hikashu's sound, and there are always members dedicated to the instrument from the start. But Shimizu Kazuto join the band in 2003, there was no other member playing synthesizer in the band. And being a multi-instrumentalist, he switches acoustic piano and bass-clarinet as well, so he couldn't always play synthesizer. That's why Makigami decided to try Theremin.

Now he has established his own, original style on the instrument, as he has done with his voice. It's so dynamic - not only sound-wise but visually. When playing it, he's often moving swiftly around the instrument, in the literal sense of the word. Some even call his style "kung-fu theremin." That description is apt in some way, because in fact he practises chinese martial arts; he's even been qualified as instructor.

The demonstration itself is a free event and held in afternoon, which is preceded the Hikashu's concert in the evening of the same day. So if you are in Ottawa and haven't decided to go to the band's gig, just give it a try and attend the demo. It's free and really accessible. And if you like what you see, go to the band's gig in the evening.

The following is the detail of the event, quoted from the organizer's blog:

Special announcement!

Hikashu front man, Koichi Makigami gives Theremin demonstration!

May 15, 2013

Main Branch
Ottawa Public Library
120 Metcalfe Street
Ottawa, Ont.

A free event!

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