Jun 16, 2013

Currents: June 2013 - The First Canada Tour, Makigami visits Tuva, Hikashu taking a short break

Hikashu at the Garrison, Toronto, Canada on May 14, 2013.

Ex Post Facto - The First Canada Tour

Apparently, Hikashu had a great time in Canada. After returning to Japan, the members praised the experience in the country very much. The audiences were welcoming and reacted positively. The staff was caring. The acostics were great. Niagara Falls was spectaclar. In short, everything was beautiful. So naturally, all the four gigs turned out nicely.

Then they moved to New York City, and held a recording session at Eastside Sound for next album. The session resulted quite fruitful - things went smooth and in the end they've got materials more than enough for an album. Of course, the experience in Canada contributed much for the result because the members had became quite uplifting after the tour.

Technically, the new album is not finished yet. They said there's something must be done, but not so much - just some tweaks. So it looks like the completion is near and we don't have to wait so long. It's good because we're hardly able to wait for new things from the band.

Makigami visits Tuva

Currently, Makigami Koichi has been in Kyzyl, the capital city of The Republic of Tuva. He's now participating the 6th Internatinal Khoomei Symposium. It is held every four year, and he has attended to the event every time since the 2nd symposium. No, he's not a contestant - but one of the judges.

He will be back late this month. And he will soon depart again for Europe next month for a short tour with the Living Room Trio.

Hikashu taking a short break but will be back soon

Meanwhile, the band is on hiatus simply because Makigami has been not available for a while. But they'll do some sporadically-occuring gigs this summer. We'll let you know about those dates in a little while.

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