Aug 29, 2013

A new album is coming

Hikashu and Marc Urselli at Eastside Sound NYC in May 2013

Makigami Koichi just announced that Hikashu's next album will be out in late November and it is tentatively called "Bankan."

It will be the first release from the group after their 2011 effort "Uragoe."

The album was recorded at Eastside Sound in New York City with recording engineer Marc Urselli after the Canada tour held in May this year.

The title, Bankan, is a Japanese phrase meaning "a mixture of feelings" or "a flood of emotions." It's pronounced BAN-KAN.

In Japanese, the phrase is written in kanji character, 万感. The kanji literally means "A ten-thousand feelings". 万 = a ten-thousand, 感 = feeling or emotion.

Bankan is a kind of emotions cannot be described in words because it's so full. When someone is too full for words, or so full emotions s/he cannot speak, that's bankan. It's used positively.

Makigami also expressed the band plans to perform the selections from the new album at their next gig in Tokyo, which will be held at Star Pine's Cafe in Kichijoji, Tokyo on October 2.

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