Nov 18, 2013

Why the Christmas Concert is more than just a must-see

The other day the official flyer for Bankan Christmas, a 2-day special concert of Hikashu held in coming December, went public. It has an accompanying text, probably penned by Makigami, which is very interesting (the explanation follows):

That's exactly BANKAN;
On the way to the Izaac shrine by foot,
carelessly we just dropped in a place,
where it had Nabokov's Butteflies, index cards, and a buttered typewriter.
All of sudden, a curater went to say,
how about watching a movie.
And what the movie depicted splendidly,
the history of techno-pop,
and the chance encounter of Hikashu and the Plastics,
likening them to the birth of Mothra and the affair of Mr. Snowden.

The dreamlike two days are going to happen this year.
It must be a gift from Santa Claus.

That's quite incredible;
The original line-ups of Hikashu and the Plastics will be reunited.
And the huge fête of Hikashu songs with the wonderful cast.
This is Bankan Christmas!

First, the reference of the mysterious place: actually it's the Nabokov Museum in Sankt Petersberg where the band dropped in on the way of their Russia-Lithiania Tour in 2012. They also saw a documentary film about Nabokov's hobby, butterfly collecting, upon the recommendation of the curator. And regarding the reference of Mr. Edward Snowden, Makigami has expressed his concern about the whole affair, recognizing how important the problem is and should be treated as such.

Then what's "the chance encounter" of Hikashu and the Plastics?

This is the fact: on one evening of summer in 1979, Makigami Koichi went to a radio station in Tokyo to meet Chikada Haruo for the first time. Chikada, an influential musician and producer, had listened to the Hikashu's demo (which is later issued as "Hikashu 1978"), and already showed his interest to produce the band's record. The meeting was amicable and everything went smooth.

And at the same room, Tachibana Hajime and Shima Takemi, both from the Plastics, happened to be there. They've never met before, but for some reason or other, started chatting and soon became friends. There was something common between two groups - both having no drummer and using rhythm box instead, and willing to make something new and unique. It was a fateful encounter indeed.

And, yes, there was a strong bond between the two groups even before the beginning of so-called techno-pop movement.

The Plastics

That's why the concert is so special. The original line-up of Hikashu and the Plastics will be united and perform in public, sharing the same stage. All the things considered, it's very unlikely that this thing will happen again, especially Mr. Sakuma, the synthesizer player and musical director of the original Plastics, has been diagnosed cancer, taken some operations, and already expressed his intention to refrain from performing in public. So do not miss this thing, go get tickets (now available), since it will surely be a unforgettable, lifetime event for all of us.

Makigami Koichi, and Momo from Charan Po Rantan, taken in October. 
Note the white marbles on the Go boards read HIKASHU.(ヒカシュー)

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Daikanyama UNIT, Tokyo

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