Jan 9, 2014

The first gigs for 2014

A New Year's Greeting from Hikashu

The first gigs for 2014 have been announced and all scheduled for February.

It seems that Hikashu decided to take a rest in January. They deserved it very much - because in December last year, their workload was so high. What they did in that month were an album and a mini-album released, and two huge concerts held with a lot of guest.

Then in February, they will be back active in live circuit. In that month, there are three gigs in Tokyo. Among them, an exclusive concert at Star Pine's Cafe in Kichijoji is recommended most.

Other two gigs are interesting as well because of the line-up. The Shibuya gig is with Carmen Maki and Hara Masumi, both singers are veteran and must-see if you have a zest for post-WWII Japanese popular music. And the Ikebukuro gig is with two emerging bands which already having a strong fan base.

And in March they will tour in Kyushu and Okinawa. Especially the latter is notable - because they've never been in the island in their 36 years history. Anyway, the tour will be covered later, and here we will go into details for their February gigs.

2013 was a very good year for us Hikashu fans. Let's hope 2014 will be fruitful as well.

Hikashu appearances in February 2014

February 13 @ LaMama, Shibuya, Tokyo (with Carmen Maki and Hara Masumi)
February 15 @ Ruido K3, Ikebukuro, Tokyo (with Podo and Za-ningen)
February 20 @ Star Pine's Cafe, Kichijoji, Tokyo

poster for the Ikebukuro gig in Shibuya

February 13, 2014
"Carmen Maki, Hikashu, and Hara Masumi"
@ La Mama
Shibuya, Tokyo
other acts: Carmen Maki, Hara Masumi
open 18:30 - start 19:00
adv 3,500 yen - at door 3,800 yen

La Mama, Shibuya, Tokyo

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February 15, 2014
"Human Being Exposition at Toshima-ku"
@ Ruido K3
Ikebukuro, Tokyo
other acts: podo, Za Ningen
open 18:30 - start 19:00
adv 3,500 yen - at door 3,800 yen

Ruido K3, Ikebukuro, Tokyo

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Febaruary 20, 2014
"Hikashu 2014"
@ Star Pine's Cafe
Kichijoji, Tokyo
open 18:30 - start 19:30
adv 3,600 yen - at door 4,000 yen
venue's info
(Timeout Tokyo)

Star Pine's Cafe, Kichijoji, Tokyo

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