Feb 22, 2014

Makigami's Spring Party at Yugawara on March 9

On March 9, Makigami Koichi will hold an intimate concert at his hometown, Yugawara.

Originally he was scheduled to play that day in Kyzyl, the capital city of Tuva Republic, but the event was postponed to October. Having already booked musicians, he decided to play with them at his hometown instead.

The musicians are: Makigami on voice and shakuhachi, Shika Udai on cello, Yanagiya Koharu on vocals and shamisen, and Sato Masaharu on percussion. You can expect a lot of music - from khoomei, siberian mouthharp to traditional popular songs of 18-19th centuries Japan (Edo period - wikipedia).

And if you live in Tokyo, Yugawara (or its neighboring town, Atami) is definitively worth to pay a visit.

Being famous for hot springs, Yugawara is one of the most popular spa resort in the greater Tokyo area, and it takes an hour and half from central Tokyo via train.

March of Yugawara is a high season for its famous ume (Japanese apricot) trees and people gather to see the splendid scenery.

March 9 is Sunday. So it's a nice way to spend a holiday to visit a beautiful place, take a traditional bath (there are lots of them), then enjoy a special concert. Moreover, the gig is admission free (donations welcome!). Let's have a nostalgia trip with great music.

Yugawara, Kanagawa - wikipedia

Hakone, Yugawara - GoJapanGo.com

March 9, 2014
"Yugawara Ume Trees Party - Musical Journey from Edo to Siberia"
@ Atami-City Izumi Community Center (Atami-Shi Izumi Kominkan)
open 14:00, concert 14:30-16:00
admission free (donations welcome!)
Makigami Koichi - voice and shakuhachi (Japanese bamboo flute)
Shika Udai - cello
Yanagiya Koharu - vocals and shamisen
Sato Masaharu - percussion

Atami-City Izumi Community Center, Atami, Kanagawa

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