Apr 18, 2014

"Bankan" and "Chakra Biraki" got reviewed on all about jazz

A review of the recent Hikashu releases is just published at allaboutjazz.com. It's written by Eyal Hareuveni who also reviewed the band's last effort "Uragoe" for the site.

The Wild, Eclectic World of Koichi Makigami's Hikashu Band

By EYAL HAREUVENI, Published: April 18, 2014

Japanese vocal artist Koichi Makigami's main musical vehicle has been his band Hikashu since the late seventies. This band embodies Makigami's colorful eclectic tastes and myriad vocal personalities. They succeed in tying together eccentric collective improvisations, Japanese theater traditions or elements from Japanese films and pop songs, references to progressive rock and wild, virtuoso vocal acrobatics. Hikashu's 21st album Bankan and the following EP Chakra Biraki [Chakra Opening] show that when it comes to Makigami and Hikashu, you can only expect the unexpected, but you are guaranteed to have tons of fun.

It's always nice to see the albums got reviewed on media, and allaboutjazz.com is pretty favorable - it's mainly about jazz, of course, but not only that. They're eclectic, so is Hikashu.

You can read the rest here.

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