Jun 6, 2014

The Russia Siberia Tour 2014 photo gallery

The tour has ended. The band has completed all the gigs as scheduled and now heading home.

The following photographs from the tour is provided by the band via SNS.

Gorno-Altaisk, the capitol of Altai Republic, was flooded. But the city is as usual. (May 30)

The sky of Ost-Kan was clear. (May 31)

Sato prepared a special set for the Ost-Kan gig. (June 1)

 The band visited a ranch. (June 2)

The Moscow 24 station introduces Hikashu and their gig at DOM.

From their site:
Есть уникальная японская группа "Хикасю", которая раз в год - полтора едет в тур через всю Россию, начиная с Дальнего Востока, в Москву и Петербург. Их очередной московский концерт состоится уже 4 июня.

There is a unique Japanese band "Hikashu" now on tour across Russia, starting from the Far East to Moscow and St. Petersburg. Their next concert in Moscow is on June 4.

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