Sep 8, 2014

John Zorn's Cobra Nagoya Operation on September 13, 2014

Tokuzo, Imaike, Nagoya

Nagoya is the third largest city pf Japan and there are some fine musicians in the place. This month some of them gather to perform a famous game piece by John Zorn, and they are all women. This is the first time all women's line-up playing the piece in Japan.

The unit leader Ono Ryoko is a saxophonist based in Nagoya. Besides her own activities, she is also known as a frequent collaborator of drummer Yoshida Tatsuya (Ruins, Painkiller). She has just released the first solo album of her own called Undine. Her web site is here.

Ono Ryoko, saxophonist in Nagoya, Japan
Ono Ryoko

John Zorn's Cobra Nagoya Operation
Ono Ryoko Unit

Ono Ryoko - saxophone
Shiraki Sayaka - vocals
Saga Yuki - vocals
Kuzushima Ryoko - clarinet
Ishiwata Misaki - trumpet
Tarumoto Satomi - koto
Yamashita Mari - vibraphone
Miyazaki Rie - bass
Kogure Miwazou - Chin-don percussion
Emmy Kunocovic - drums

Makigami Koichi - prompter

September 12, 2014
"John Zorn's Cobra Nagoya Operation"
@ Tokuzo
Imaike, Nagoya
open 18:00 - start 19:00
adv 3,200 yen - at door 3,500 yen
tickets available at the venue or Lawson Ticket

Tokuzo, Imaike, Nagoya

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