May 17, 2015

Latest Promotional Event in Osaka

Right now Hikashu has been touring in Kansai region, and yesterday they did a promotional stint for the new album at Tower Records Namba, Osaka.

Two years ago the band did the same at Tower Records Shibuya, Tokyo. But at that time, drummer Sato Masaharu was not there - unfortunately, it seemed that he had other obligation.

Of course, this time the band was full line-up. According to the tweets from the audience, Sato had to play an electric kit, a kind he played for the first time. But the veteran drummer played it with ease - even he took a solo in "Naruhodo," which was just terrific.

The performance's duration was about a half hour - all consisted of the selection from "Ikitekoi Chinmoku."

The band has been playing the selections from the new album for just several months, but, as usual with them, the new songs have already started to transform. Many numbers have extended with improvisations and arranged differently. So it's nice for regular attendees of their gigs to witness how the songs gradually "grow" in person.

Their show never be same. Even they have abandoned pre-configured set-list long time ago. And they do a lot of improvisation. Therefore each performance gives different, unique experience.

Tonight the band plays at Rag, a jazz club in Kyoto.

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