Apr 18, 2016

Sato Masaharu contributed soundtrack for NHK documentary

Sato Masaharu, Hikashu's drummer, recently contributed soundtrack for documentary program by NHK, Japanese public broadcaster. It has three parts and the first one just aired in Japan.

The program is about Amazon, the huge river in Brazil.

Unfortunately, it's only aired in Japan but the summary is available on net. Even it captured the moment Sato recording the soundtrack. You can listen excerpts as well.

The line-up for the soundtrack is Sato (percussion, voice), Ohta Keisuke (electric violin), and Hosoi Yutaka (synthesizer). As you might know, it's MASSA, the trio Sato has been leading for about last ten years. But there's a huge difference - it's all improvised, while MASSA's music is basically composed.

According to the clip, they went into studio shortly after watching the film, then just started performing. There's no written score or prior discussion. Sato said the film was impressive and made him inspired. The result is satisfactory.

Sato tweeted that the soundtrack will be released as CD. We will let you know when it's available.

A Grande Amazonia - NHK-TV

Sato and Matsuda Ryuhei, an actor who narrated the program

Mixdown at the NHK studio

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