Nov 11, 2017

Hikashu - Hirasawa Susumu 2016 live album soon released on the net

It's just announced that a live album of Hikashu's christmas concert last year will be released through online distribution.

The sold-out gig had many guests including Hirasawa Susumu on vocals and guitar. He sung some Hikashu numbers and Makigami did the same with Hirasawa's songs. The audience went wild and there is a huge demand for the recording. Now it looks like the demand be fulfilled.

Currently the details for the release, like the date and the method (download or stream), are still unknown. What is certain is that it contains Hikashu/Hirasawa's collaboration and it was recorded in extreme high resolution, hence no physical release - simply it couldn't fit into disc.

In fact, the concert was documented with sixteen Korg MR-2000S recorders. So it's quite an audiophile recording.

And the album is tentatively called "Zekkei," which means "magnificent scenery." We'll let you know when the details go public.

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