Dec 23, 2009

Ono Seigen praised Hikashu

(the photo from Saidera Paradiso web site)

While I haven't a chance to listen to it yet, Ten Ten Ten already starts earning some reputation. For example, at Jazz Tokyo (the popular jazz site), Ono Seigen picked it up for the album of the year.

Ono, the internationally renowned musician and recording engineer, did the mastering of the album (and the Gaspacho single). And he commented that, because of his job, he listened a lot of records, and Ten Ten Ten is exceptional, far superior from the rest.

He also witnessed the Hikashu's performance in Shibuya last October, and quite impressed.

He expressed that he will use some excerpts of the album for his presentation at industry conventions.

Saidera Paradiso
Seigen Ono on MySpace

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