Dec 18, 2009

Makigamisantachi - Tompal (2005)

While waiting for the forthcoming album, just take a look at the thing of the past:

Makigamisantachi - Tompal (2007)

pray for lightning
there is nothing for the world
cactus hat
pretend not know muscles
paint ears
peace my mind
hand of grandson
sway fortune
ant fat
frog star

Makigamisantachi is:
Makigami, voice and theremin
Freeman, guitar and sampler
Sakaide, bass and laptop

This is a sort of precursor for Ten-Ten.

At that time, Makigami just started using Theremin in public. It took him years of preparation, and he formed this group as a kind of proving-ground.

Improvisational electro tracks with guitar and bass. Plus Makigami's voice and theremin. Do not expect this typical electro music. Quite the contrary. Kinda fierce and noisy, lots of interplay. Never dull, very dynamic, and full of instinct. A likeable kind of electro, I'd say. An interesting and fresh approach from Hikashu people.

Makigamisantachi pronounces makigami-san-tachi.

Available via Makigami Vocal World

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