Apr 16, 2010

1980 NHK TV appearance

Hikashu at NHK, January 1980.

This is one of the earliest TV appearance of Hikashu. The program is "600 Kochira Jouhoubu" (6:00 Here is the information bureau), produced by NHK, Japanese equivalent to BBC in UK. It was news and entertainment television program, broadcasted live in 18:00-18:30 Monday to Friday, for elementary and junior-high students. It was one of the most popular program for children at that time, although its contents were occasionally very challenging. For example, regarding musicians, Gary Numan appeared and interviewed once on the program (probably most of the audience was wondering who he was).

Hikashu appeared on the program on January 1980. The theme of the episode was "What is techno?" After short introduction, P-Model, Hikashu and Plastics performed live in studio. The following clips were more complete, contain all the bands performance from the episode.

After the bands performance, at 8:30, Kamiya Akiro, a composer and synthesizer player, tried to explain "techno pop".

The first subtitle said "Techno - how it sounds like?" Kamiya explained "techno pop music" then the bands played excerpt of their song. Plastics showed some of the instruments; sequencer, rhythm box and synthesizer. Then P-Model showed "the rhythm of techno pop". At 3:30, Hikashu appeared. They were used as an example of "the lyrics element of techno pop." Kamiya honestly said "regarding Hikashu, I cannot properly explain their words." then the band played briefly "Nazeka Burning" from (still not released) their first album. Note that Tobe Satoshi played rhythm guitar instead of alto saxophone. At 4:20, asked about the meaning of the band's name, Makigami said it was a coined word, sort of a spur-of-the-moment phrase when being surprised. Of course, it was joke.

In outro, starts at 6:30, some players from the three bands played together the ending theme of the program with "techno arrangement". Also, along with Chika and Tachibana Hajime from Plastics, Makigami danced with Pom-pon in his hands. In fact, Hikashu and Plastics were close at that time and they did some tours together.

The program was on-aired from 1978 to 1983. And the techno episode was one of the most audacious, now legendary one. Imagine 12 years olds throughout the nation were exposed to such a thing. It must have had a big impact on them, comparable to the Devo appearance on Saturday Night Live in 1978. They were so futuristic, otherworldly, and great.

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