Apr 28, 2010

Fuji Rock Festival 2010

Big news. Hikashu will perform at Fuji Rock Festival on July 30th, 2010. They rarely do huge-outdoor-rock festival thing and Fuji Rock is now the biggest and the most popular rock event in Japan. Other than Hikashu, many acts of interest also appear.

The festival also welcomes people from overseas. English services are available everywhere and lots of concert-goer from outside Japan come and see this thing.

If you ever consider coming to Japan and attending Hikashu concert, think seriously of this opportunity. It is a rare chance to see the band performing in such a situation.

The festival will be held for 3 days. And, other than music, there are lots of entertainment options you can surely enjoy.

The official web site of Fuji Rock is here (in English). Lots of information is available there, including how to buy ticket from overseas. Happy travelling!

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  1. Thanks for telling me about this. I'm strongly considering visiting Japan this Summer to see this festival. The bands playing this year are amazing, and there's actually quite a few besides Hikashu that I want to see.

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  3. the last comment mistakenly deleted. I re-post it as follows:

    I think it is worth serious consideration. Hikashu will probably be playing front of the biggest crowd they ever face and I'm very curious how they perform. Besides, the line-up is quite attractive.