May 27, 2010

Humcrush Japan Tour

In June, Makigami Koichi organizes a Japan tour of Humcrush, the electro unit of improvised music from Norway. He will also participate in performance.

June 8th
Cinema Maebashi
Maebashi, Gunma
Humcrush with Makigami Koichi
open 19:00, start 19:30
2,000 yen (advance), 3,000 yen (at door)
tel. 027-231-8000 fax. 027-231-8006
cinema maebashi site

June 10th
Roppongi Super Deluxe
Humcrush with Makigami Koichi, FANTASTIC EXPLOSION, yudayajazz, CARRE
open 18:00, start 19:00
2,500 yen (advance), 3,500 yen (at door)
super deluxe site

June 11th
Nu Things
Humcrush with Makigami Koichi
open 18:30, start 19:30
4,000 yen (advance), 4,500 yen (at door)
for reservation, call 06-6211-8711
or contact via mail,

June 13th
Yugawara Contemporary Music Festival
"voice & electronics"
Yugawara Hinoki Charity Concert Hall
Humcrush with Makigami Koichi (voice, theremin), Jim O'Rourke (guitar), Ikue Mori (electronics)
start 15:00
4,000 yen (advance), 4,500 (at door)
The annual festival, which was founded by Makigami last year, will be held in his hometown, Yugawara. This time the unit is to be augmented by guest musicians, and play the pieces of modern composers like John Cage and Robert Ashley. Ticket is now available via e-plus or makigami office (mail at

flyer for the festival

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