Jun 1, 2010

Twitter accounts, more reissue, and Makigami's upcoming solo album

Regarding Twitter, four of the Hikashu members have account and usually twitter a few times a day. Unfortunately they twitter only in Japanese, but if you talk to them in plain English, maybe you could get some response. Their accounts are as follows: Makigami - @MAKIBRI, Sato - @MASAHARUSATO, Sakaide - @sakaidesan, and Mita - @mitafreeman. Mita just made his account today!

More reissues: Besides "Watashi No Tanoshimi" and "Hikashu Super Two", Makigami recently revealed that "Ningen No Kao" ("Human Faces") is now in consideration for reissue, tentatively planned for autumn release. The album, originally released in 1988, is regarded as one of the representative works of the band. It also have been hard to find for years so this will be very welcoming re-release.

Makigami's new album entitled "Tokyo Taiga" will be released in June from John Zorn's label, Tzadik. It is actually a group effort - a new unit called AЯ (pronounced "aya"), which Makigami formed with Bolot Bairyshev from Altai (voice, string instrument) and Sato Masaharu (percussion, voice). Also Shika Udai (cello) participated in the recording as a guest. If you are familiar with Makigami's performance with Bolot, I bet you'll enjoy the album. It is a Tzadik release, so expected to be easy to find in the US and Europe. Info on Tzadik site is here. (note: it said May release but actually slated to June.)

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