Jun 3, 2010

Jazz Art Sengawa 2010 update

Many of you came here by searching about Jazz Art Sengawa so here's some update.

3-days ticket and 1-day ticket for July 11th (the 3rd and last day) are now sold out. But should not get discouraged. Advance tickets for the event are sold only limited quantities, and there will be a plenty of tickets available on the day of the concert. It looks like competition for ticket is going to be fierce - last year I saw people made long line in the Sengawa Theater office. So, if you want a seat, be advised to come early and ask the office about ticket (in Japanese or plain English - do not expect English fluency, as this applies to the most parts of Japan). Good luck.

And unfortunately if failing to get tickets, at least you could attend free improvising session, held at Sengawa Avenue Hall. It's admission free - and actually quite an interesting event.

Basically, there is no so-called professional musician for the session. The players are all selected from open applicants via audition. Three producers of the festival - Makigami, Fujiwara and Sakamoto - are to be a moderator.

As for the Makigami's session, he decide to make a group out of 20+ players on the scene and let them play. The personnels are to be changed each "piece". Playing time of each piece is vary - roughly said it is about 5 minutes. It's like open improvisation workshop, sans any instructor (the moderators gave no advice - just made some short comments) and made me remember Derek Bailey's Company. I have witnessed the sessions in the past two years, and thought it was quite a refreshing approach for improvisation. You could see many young, aspiring improvisers perform, only this place, and Makigami said last year, this is the most interesting program for the festival. I agree with him.

Again, this session is admission free, but be sure to come early. The seats are limited and the festival allows no standing.

And anyway, in my opinion, Jazz Art Sengawa is the best festival of avant jazz or improvising music in Japan. If you live in Tokyo area and interested in such kind of music, this event is for you. I wholeheartedly recommend it.

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