Jul 3, 2010

Jazz Art Sengawa 2010: Jazz Byobu Renovated and Art Parade

Club Jazz Byobu renovated

Club Jazz Byobu is a removable concert space, operated only for the festival and being proudly self-described "the world's smallest live venue". Consisted of four walls (which can be folded or opened) with wheels, it is specifically designed and built based upon Makigami's idea. According to him, its aim is to provide an "intimate musical experience" for the audience ("intimacy" is the theme of the festival). He also said that, being placed outdoor in daytime, it works like street theatre of Terayama Shuji (wikipedia), one of the most influencial playwriter in post-WWII Japan.

I myself experienced it several times. The space is very small and could accomodate about 5 persons. The audience is to be literally vis-à-vis with performer. For myself, felt somewhat a little awkward first but it grew gradually something else. Maybe tension or seriousness. Because once the music started, you cannot do nothing but face to the performer. So naturally I concentrated to it. It must have influence over the performer's side, too. I don't remember what I felt then exactly, but what I can tell with certainty is that it was a very unusual experience for listening to music.

Samm Bennett playing in the Byobu at the unveiling, showcase event, near the Sengawa station, July 2008. Mr. Bennett is going to play for Jazz Art Sengawa again this year. Also there is a very interesting interview of him in 2007 - see here.

And this year the byobu is completely re-designed and rebuilt.


and Now

The new one is painted white, and its inside is now mirrored entirely. So it must be more perplexing, and exciting.

Though there is a moderator, the byobu takes a guerilla approach. Both its place and the performer are always in flux. So if you spot the thing, just try it. It surely gives you an unusual and very memorable experience.

Art Parade

As an opener, there is a parade of the festival staff and others. It is called "Art Parade" and marching through the main district of the Sengawa town. The participants wear a hand-made hat like this:

The parade will start about 16:00 of the first day. Although there is no announcement where it starts but it will probably be the front square of Sengawa station (wikipedia), as the former two years were. They are also going to do some performances, probably voice related, so come and see it.

Sengawa Station

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Jazz Art Sengawa 2009 Digest Clip. Hikashu (with guest Umezu Kazutoki) appeared briefly at 4:35.

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