Jul 15, 2010

Makigami Koichi live with Sengawa-related musicians

In late July, Makigami Koichi will perform with the musicians who appeared at Jazz Art Sengawa this year. For both the groups, this is to be the first performance.

July 25, 2010 (Sunday)
Makigami Koichi (voice, cornet), Kaneko Yasuko (trombone), Tonchi (steel pan)
Jazz Bar Lady Jane
Setagaya, Tokyo
start 19:30
music charge - 2,700 yen
Jady Jane Live Schedule (Japanese)

At Jazz Art Sengawa 2010, Kaneko performed as a member of a brass duo called Yamaneko San. Tonchi is a steel pan player who has studied the instrument in its birthplace, Trinidad. She has a MySpace account (here) where you could listen to some of her recordings. There is something with her non-verbal singing.

Jady Jane is a jazz bar with long history. It established in 1975 and started to offer live music in 1979. They have three policies for booking music: something new, experimental, and unfinished. It reflects well in their live schedule. Also the pub is famous for the actor, the late Matsuda Yusaku (wikipedia) being a frequent customer.

Jazz Bar Lady Jane

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July 27, 2010 (Tuesday)
Makigami Koichi (voice, cornet), Tamura Natsuki (trumpet), Fujii Satoko (piano)
Jazz Spot Dolphy
Sakuragicho, Yokohama
start 19:30
advance 2,700 yen, at door 3,000 yen
Jazz Spot Dolphy site (Japanese)

At Jazz Art Sengawa 2010, Fujii performed with her own orchestra which has Tamura as its member. Fujii has been active in Japanese jazz scene as a pianist and band leader for years. Also she used to study in New England Conservatory under the pianist Paul Bley. Tamura is a trumpeter who has also a prolific career in jazz. The website of Tamura and Fujii has fully English contents so just take a look at here.

Dolphy is established in 1990 and offers mainstream jazz. Occasionally the club ventures adventurous booking. For example, Makigamisantachi once performed at this place in 2005.

Jazz Spot Dolphy

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