Sep 11, 2010

Four Interesting Gigs on the Same Day

It is called unfortunate. As I reported here earlier, on september 18, there will be held an film premiere which Makigami and Sakaide are to perform. But the event coincides with another *three* Hikashu-related gigs in Tokyo. So everybody have to make a tough decision on the day.

First, there will be an duo performance of Makigami Koichi and Shimizu Kazuto. It is a part of an event called Ftarri Doubtmusic Festival. As far as I know, as a duo, they have never performed together before, so it will be surely interesting. Fortunately, their appearance is scheduled around 15:30, so it's not the same time with the other gigs.

On the same day, Sato Masaharu will perform as "Hari Usagi," a unit with Saga Yuki. Saga is a singer and improviser who performed at Jazz Art Sengawa this year. Hari Usagi, which means "spiny rabbit", is to play various kinds of music, from nursery rhyme to free-form improvisation.

Last but not least, Inoyama Land will make a rare appearance on the day. They performed a 30 minutes set at the Hikashu concert last month and it was splendid. There are three units scheduled on the gig. The first appearance is a unit called "Highleads Missions." It is consisted with Inoue and a drummer, Tomoda Shingo, who was also a support member of Hikashu in 1983.

Makigami Koichi + Shimizu Kazuto
as a part of "Ftarri Doubtmusic Festival"
September 18 (Saturday)
@ Super Deluxe
Roppongi, Tokyo
open 14:00 start 15:00
4,000 yen (advance), 4,500 yen (at door) plus one drink minimum

3 days ticket available
See here for festival details.
Super Deluxe Site

Roppongi Super Deluxe

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Hari Usagi
Sato Masaharu (percussion, voice), Saga Yuki (vocal, keyboard)
September 18 (Saturday)
@ Field
Shinagawa, Tokyo
open 18:00 start 18:30
2,500 yen plus one drink minimum

Shinagawa Field

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"Ino To Yama"
Highleads Missions: Inoue Makoto (synthesizer), Tomoda Shingo (percussion)
Ambient Store: Yamashita Yasushi (synthesizer), Sekiguchi Takashi (synthesizer)
Inoyama Land: Inoue Makoto (synthesizer), Yamashita Yasushi (synthesizer) with guest Taguchi Fumihito
September 18 (Saturday)
@ Emban
Koenji, Tokyo
start 19:00
2,000 yen

Koenji Emban

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