Sep 11, 2010

"Paititi The Movie" Premiere

On September 18, there will be held a premiere event of the film "Paititi The Movie" in Shibuya, Tokyo. It is a documentary film of Paititi, a musical ensemble of uklele formed by Douguchi Yoriko (wikipedia), an actress, and Ishida Hidenori, a film creator. Makigami Koichi and Sakaide Masami from Hikashu made some appearances on the film and they will perform at the event as a guest.

Douguchi is an actress who has a long and prolific career in film and television. After having had a cervical cancer (wikipedia), she has also been an activist, serving to ignite social awareness of the disease.

Douguchi started to play uklele in 1999 and, in the same year, she formed Paititi with Ishida. They released a single in 2007 and an album in the following year.

Sakaide and Sato Masaharu from Hikashu went to play with Paititi as a support musician circa 2007. The group also did an opening act at the Hikashu's gig in June 2008, which Makigami and Sakaide joined as a guest, and they performed "Pike."

Paititi on MySpace

"Paititi The Movie" Trailer

Sakaide appears at 1:13.

"Paititi The Movie" Premiere + Paititi Live
guest: Makigami Koichi
September 18 (Saturday)
@ Uplink Factory
Shibuya, Tokyo
open 18:30 start 19:00
charge: 3,000 yen (plus one drink order minimum)

The event is to reserve a seat via e-mail. For information, see here (Japanese).

Uplink Factory

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