May 12, 2011

Shinohara Tomoe & Steve Eto - the guests for the NYC gig

There are special guests for the upcoming NYC gig - Shinohara Tomoe and Steve Eto. Though both they have a long career as performer, it is the first time they perform with Hikashu in public.

Shinohara Tomoe concert in 2010 with Steve Eto (in far right)

Shinohara Tomoe

Her profile is already mentioned on the Japan Society notification so here I'll write about her connection with Hikashu.

It was Ishino Takkyu, her producer, who turned her to Hikashu. A few years ago he found her not knowing the band and he strongly recommended that she surely love them. Indeed she did. (Ishino appeared in the video above, a guy with Devo's energy dome.)

Now she regularly attended their concert in Tokyo area and also befriended with the members. Then she was offered for the gig and graciously accepted.

Shinohara and the Hikashu members, after a concert in Shibuya, 2010.

Shinohara and Hikashu at rehearsal for the NYC gig, April 2011.

(Both photoes are from Shinohara's blog - note she wore the official Hikashu T-Shirt.)

Shinohara Tomoe Official Site (Japanese)

Steve Eto

A veteran percussionist and a member of Demi Semi Quaver, experimental rock combo with a distinctive vocalist Emi Ereonola. He's been very active as a session musician and a solo performer for years.

He's also an eminent improviser and you could see him improvising on the video follows.

Steve Eto with his percussionist brother, Leonard Eto

Steve Eto joined a Papaya Paranoia gig as a last-minute participant and improvised

Steve Eto Official Site (Japanese)
Steve Eto YouTube Channel - performance and travelogue

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