May 16, 2011

Shizuoka Shimbun

The today's morning edition of Shizuoka Shimbun (wikipedia), a daily newspaper, carries an article about Makigami Koichi, regarding throat singing and his activities in Tuva. The website of the paper has also the related videos of him as follows.

Makigami strumming a Typshool, string instrument from Tuva, and practicing throat singing.

From his latest visit in Tuva, a week after the earthquake. The first song is a cover of "Koi No Vacance" ("Vacances de l'Amour") by the Peanuts (wikipedia), the big hit of 1963. It's also a very popular tune in Russia.

The Peanuts singing "Koi No Vacance," NHK-TV, 1965.

A duo of Makigami and Onder Mongun-ool followed (the longer version is here), and "Sakura Sakura," the Japanese folk song (wikipedia), performed by Makigami, Yanagiya Koharu on shamisen, and Shika Udai on cello.

"Sakura Sakura" by Hibari Children Choir.

"Sakura Variation" for three kotos, one of the most popular interpretation of the song, arranged by Miyagi Michio (wikipedia), 1961.

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