Apr 16, 2012

The Making of Uragoe, Day Three

May 16 was the second and the last day of the recording session. Again, the following quotes are translated from Makigami's blog written last year.

I woke up early in the morning and went to the other members' room. My room had a bedroom with a twin bed, plus a living room and a kitchen. The other members' were a triple room and a twin room, with a huge living room and a big beranda, and a balcony.

The condominium was a property of the production company we had contracted with for a while long time ago, and it was conveniently located.

I rang a bell, and Mita came out at door. He completed music for the song "Uragoe."

No one seemed to write music for the lyrics called "Hitori Hokai" [Collapsed by Oneself]. There was a guitar in the living room, so I picked it up and make a music with it for myself.

There was a big merit for all the members staying the same place. For example, Shimizu transcribed "Umaretate No Hana" [A Newly Born Flower] very quickly. He took only two hours for doing it in the morning. Incredibly efficient.

At 11 o'clock, we moved to the studio by taxi. It costed $10. This time we recorded compositions mainly. "A Newly Born Flower," "Yuugata No Iesu" [Twilight Affirmation], and "Uragoe."

We finished the session in the evening. I took dinner with my family and Kenji at cacio e vino. We took pizza.

And that's how the session ended. It was a short period of time but very important three days for the band. Now almost a year has passed, and finally we could listen to the final product.

The vintage Rogers set which Sato favored so much.

From left to right: Marc Urselli, Shimizu Kazuto, Makigami Koichi,
Sakaide Masami, Sato Masaharu, and Mita Freeman.

The members were out for lunch.

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