Apr 16, 2012

The Making of Uragoe, Day Two

May 15 was the first day of the recording session. The members visited the studio, EastSide Sound, for the first time, although Makigami had been there before for a Tzadik session with Ikue Mori in 2010.

The following quotes are translated from Makigami's blog, written last year.

At 10 o'clock, we arrived at EastSide Sound in NoHo. Marc, the engineer, greeted us with smile.

The studio situated in a very unlikely location. Without knowing it, no one ever imagine there's a recording facility in such kind of neighborhood.

More surprisingly, everything was prepared almost perfectly at the studio when we arrived. Of course, we had exchanged some mail beforehand, but being ready to start recording at once was incredible, and I was thoroughly impressed with it. Moreover, there were some labels of instrument and performer in Japanese for each monitor.

It seemed that they had a wide variety of drums as well, and Masa had chosen a Rogers set. The vocal microphone which assigned for me was a very strange shaped one, having a huge square hole in the middle, and I inspected the mic so closely. I was told that the mic was called 'Blackhole,' and it was made in Latvia. There was another one for my cornet. It was a ribbon microphone made by RCA.

Before noon, we had recorded four improvisational tracks, all were very interesting.

Quick. So quick.

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