May 31, 2012

Currents: May 2012

"Uwasa No Jinrui" reissued at last

Regarding the ongoing rerelease project of Hikashu albums, there is a big hole in its line-up. And that hole is now about to be filled. Yes, "Uwasa No Jinrui" will be reissued finally, and it's official.

"Uwasa No Jinrui" [The Human Being] is the 3rd album of Hikashu, recorded and released in 1981. Other than being the representative work from the early period of the band, it's important in their history for various ways. In short, making and releasing the self-produced album made them matured and established as an artist. In short, releasing the album marked a major turning point in the history of the band.

The album was different from any previous efforts from the band in many ways. It's dark, serious and hard to grasp - it's a concept album, based on the underground film no one knew or seemed to care - "Freaks" by Tod Browning.

This sudden move alienated many fans. The record company didn't like it either and was not eager to promote it. But it was inevitable. In a way, they had to redeem their true self. Being a "pop act" was a nice game for a while, but they were not as such from the start, and they dared to take a risk.

By releasing the album, they paid high a price. But they won, in the long run. They made an immortal work, and now it's hailed as a masterpiece of Japanese rock in the eighties.

The remaster edition of "Uwasa No Jinrui" will be released in August.

New Album is coming

It's too soon, you say? Of course the band just released an album a few months ago, but to tell the truth, they have already recorded enough material to fill an album about a year before the NYC session (which resulted in the "Uragoe" album) took place in May 2011. In fact, several tracks on the "Nikoselon Part Three" EP are from the 2010 session. And it seems they intend to release more from it in future.

Right now there is no information though. We'll let you know when things get clear.

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