May 16, 2012

Makigami Koichi Goes to Bergen, Norway in May-June

In late May and early June, Makigami Koichi will perform in Bergen, Norway. He will take part in two gigs - one is a solo performance, and the other is a collaboration with a free music unit called the Living Room Trio.

The Living Room Trio is a improvised music group consisted of Torben Snekkestad on saxophone, Thomas Strønen on drums, and Søren Kjærgaard on keyboards. Makigami has performed with them several times so they know each other somewhat well.

As for the solo performance, here's a blurb from the festival's site:

Voices and electronics from three musical, mental and geographical continents meet. The controversial Dave Phillips is known for his powerful musical stance on animal rights; Japanese Makigami Koichi's high register and noh-inspired dadaism is at the other end of the scale, while Tone Åse from Norway introduces the audience to the remarkable genre 'sound novella.'

May 31, 2012
Living Room Trio with Makigami Koichi
@ Natt Jazz
Bergen, Norway
start 23:30
For information, see the event's official site:

June 2, 2012
Dave Phillips, Makigami Koichi, and Tone Åse
"Three Strong Solos"
@ Bergen International Festival
Bergen, Norway
20:00 - 21:45

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