Jul 13, 2012

An Intimate Gig in Yokohama

This weekend Hikashu will do a special gig at a jazz club in Yokohama called Airegin.

Hikashu's gig at Airegin is a sporadically-occurring event - once in a few years. But everytime it's special, both for the band and the audience.

This is not an ordinary gig of the band - even if there's such thing because they play differently every time, but anyway this is special - their gig at Airegin is mostly instrumental, extended jams and improvisation. Or they try out some unreleased compositions or works in progress. In short, the band utilizes the opportunity as a hotbed for experimentation in music.

Last time they played at Airegin was April 10, 2010. At that gig, they played a series of extended improvisation, an old original Mita just discovered from his vault (later rearranged and finished as "Ashita Ni Kaketa" [Hung On Tomorrow]), and even a Calypso tune. The main set closed with a new arrangement of "Sun Ra is the Pianist," a crowd-pleaser but still unreleased tribute song to the great bandleader who has departured from the earth some time ago (the arrangement featured a chant in outro - very afro, and spaced out).

For audience, it's very interesting to see the band working on compositions and jams - and as already mentioned, they try out new things at Airegin - they know the audience expecting it. The crowd gathering there is a sort of connoisseur - the people who have no hesitation to confront new things, even appreciate it. Everything could be accepted there.

Anyway, do not miss this opportunity or you'll have to wait a few more years. It's better to call the venue for reservation because the admittance is limited.

Look up the Sky
Search for the Star
The Planet of Music
Where Sun Ra was Born

-- "Sun Ra is the Pianist"

July 14, 2012
"The Intimate Hikashu"
@ Airegin
open 19:00 - start 19:30
2,500 yen
(plus one drink order minimum)
For reservation, call the club at 045-641-9191 (Japanese)

Airegin, Yokohama

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