Mar 4, 2010

Sun Ra is the Pianist

Makigami recently revealed that Hikashu will record the composition entitled "Sun Ra Wa Pianist" (Sun Ra is the Pianist) in near future for the next album.

The composition was written by ex-member, the late Nomoto Kazuhiro and lyrics by Makigami. It has been played since early 1990s but remains unrecorded. It is a mid-tempo, jazzy tune (actually, some parts are in 4/4). The lyrics is a homage to Sun Ra, avant-garde jazz pianist and leader of his big band, Arkestra.

I heard the tune once in their concert, and it's so good that I'm glad they decided to record it at last.

According to Makigami, the band is planning to record it with a jazz saxophonist Umezu Kazutoki, whom the band often collaborated with.

The new album is still in works and Makigami said hopefully it will be released on May or June this year.


  1. Awesome! I love Sun Ra, due mostly to the Residents song, 'Daydream in Space', which was a tribute to Sun Ra.

  2. Glad you like Sun Ra. It's unusual for Makigami to write lyrics based on actual things so obviously he has some fondness for the pianst.

  3. Hot damn! I'm a sun ra fan too.
    My favorite album is Atlantis.

  4. Thanks for commenting. I agree with you. Atlantis is a great album and it's one of my favorite, too.