Apr 27, 2017

Hikashu and Godzilla Legend to go into recording studio after the performance at Japan Society NYC on April 28, 2017

Regarding the Godzilla Legend concert at Japan Society NYC on April 28, all the advance tickets are sold out. But day-of-performance ticket MAY be available. Ask Japan Society for details.

Godzilla Legend—Music of Akira Ifukube - Friday, April 28, 7:30 PM - Japan Society

The personnel for the Japan Society concert:

Inoue Makoto (synthesizer)

Makigami Koichi (vocals, theremin)
Mita Freeman (guitar)
Sakaide Masami (bass)
Shimizu Kazuto (keyboard)
Sato Masaharu (drums)

Charan Po Rantan:
Koharu (accordion, vocals)
Momo (vocals)

Tasumi Kogoro (trumpet)
Yoshida Ryuichi (baritone saxophone)
Goto Atsushi (trombone)

Shortly after the performance, Godzilla Legend and Hikashu go into studio respectively, and record new material. According to Makigami, these albums are, if everything falls into place, to be released at the end of this year. Can't wait.

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