Apr 4, 2017

"Quit Your Band" - very interesting book about contemporary music scene in Japan is just out

Ian F. Martin is a music writer from UK who has been in Japan and his first book is just out. It's called "Quit Your Band" and its subtitle is "Musical Notes from the Japanese Underground." Sounds interesting, doesn't it? Unfortunately, we don't see the book yet, but it looks really promising.

See the following interview. A must if you are interested in contemporary Japanese music scene.

Quit Your Band! Musical Notes From The Japanese Underground - thequietus.com

There is no reference to Hikashu in this interview and we don't know he ever mentioned the band in his book, but in fact he once selected "Ikitekoi Chinmoku" as the best album of 2015.

And this another interview he did mention our beloved band.

Dive into the Underground Japanese Musical Scene with Ian Martin

In this interview, he actually said "Hikashu are easily my favorite Japanese band of all time." No kidding.

There's a trailer for the book.

And he talked about it at his blog, Total Exposure.

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