Oct 22, 2009

2009 Fall Tour

Commemorating a release of their new single, Hikashu will envoke 3 cities tour.

October 20th - Club Quattro, Nagoya
October 21st - Club Quattro, Osaka
October 26th - Club Quattro, Tokyo

Juicy Half will perform as an opening act for the October 26th concert. Juicy Half is a quartet, including of Iriya and Takagi Toshio, the original members of early 1980s New Wave act, Juicy Fruits, of the "Jenny Wa Gokigen Naname" fame (hence the name). Juicy Fruits has some connection to Hikashu. Their producer was Chikada Haruo, and the drummer Takagi played on early Hikashu albums. Juicy Fruits disbanded in 1984 and the vocalist/guitarist Iriya stopped performing on public for long time. But in 2009, Iriya started playing again and formed Juicy Half with Takagi and two young musicians.

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