Oct 22, 2009

Carps and Gazpacho (2009)

Hikashu goes Latin.

I'm not kidding. The title track of their new single, out this October, is strictly latin, both lyrically and musically. You could hear lots of latin percussions. Of course, it's Hikashu song so it's not only pretty good but being quite "different". Lyrics? How to make a Gazpacho, a cold Spanish tomato-based soup.

Hikashu - Carps and Gazpacho (maxi single, 2009)

1. Carps and Gazpacho
2. Singular
3. Melancholy in Global City

words - makigami
music - mita (1, 2), sakaide (3)

The coupling tracks are straight rock tunes. Singular (Chin Mu Rui) is fast, driving, and complicated number. Makigami's lyrics and vocal work on this tune is not only humorous but also contains some vocal wizardry. Melancholy in Global City is about the loss of humanism in so-called flattened world, and the will of people who wants to connect each other, despite of hardship. Vocals are entirely altered, which is quite rare for Hikashu or Makigami (he once said he doesn't like using effects on vocal), but this time it succeeds. Also he sings flat, emotion-less here on purpose, and it's quite effective, I think.

Actually those compositions are quite old - first recorded in 1997. Originally, it was intended for immediate release but never materialized for some reasons. This time, lots of over-dub (and discarding) were made by current Hikashu members and Makigami's son, Kaichi.

Hikashu in 1997 consisted of Makigami, Mita, Sakaide, plus Nomoto Kazuhiro (reeds), Torsten Rusch (synthesizer), Yoshimori Makoto (keyboard), and Niida Kozo (drums). There is no available info for over-dubbing but Makigami revealed he has re-done all vocals and Mita's guitar is not replaced. The sounds of snare drum is apparently different than Sato's so those were played by Niida, presumably.

Overall great works. Highly recommended.

Available via HMV Japan.

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