Oct 28, 2009

Three Encores

Hikashu @ Club Quattro, Shibuya, Tokyo on October 26th, 2009
opening act: Juicy Half

Although the storm was coming and the weather was not good, Hikashu did a relatively short (probably due to time restrictions) but impressive set. All the three composition from the new single, Carps and Gaspazio, were performed. The audience was hot and enthusiastic, demanding more and more, and after the main set, the band had to back to the bandstand three times!

Juicy Half, the opening act, performed nicely. Iriya and Takagi, the original members, played solid and steady, and one could clearly see the two young musicians were really dedicated. The atmosphere was certainly there. Their repertoire was renowned for complicating chorus, and the re-formed band well replicated it. (Remember, they are a self-contained group.)

After the concert, Hikashu did an instant autographing session. There was a long line, asking for the new single...

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